One of These Things is Just Like the Other

I'm really excited to read "Long Drive Home" and was trying to decide if I should choose Kindle version or paper when my daughter spotted the site.  "That cover is identical to the book we have at school!"

10 year olds are not adverse to exaggeration, so I was totally surprised to see that she was exactly right.

How does that work exactly? 


After she came down with a wicked case of the flu in February, she never blogged again.

Or, conversely, her children, antsy with the heated hours of summer, convinced her to resume the blog.

We'll see which one I choose.


Super-fast Five

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Tree killing is not a prank. (SI)

Justin Bieber misquoted? Don't they know everything America stands for depends on the utterings of this child?

30 Rock:  Observations on last night's show. (VF)

Old Spice graces us with awesome.


Super-fast Five

New Confession iPhone app absolves up-skirts absolutely. (CNA)

Congressman Chris Lee resigns after this article. 

How The Social Network should have ended. (via)

Prince donates 1.5 million to New York city schools. 

For Valentine's Day, make Almond Joy from scratch. 


As I was getting out of the car with my six year old, he asked a question, "What decides if we have blue eyes or green?"

"Genes!" I say, slamming the door and intending to finish the answer as I open his door.

Jumping out of the car before I can speak he asks incredulously, "So it all depends on what we're wearing?"

This all ended with a conversation on chromosomes and determining gender in utero, so I did actually learn something.

History Channel dismembers self, flops on ground, asks us to watch...


Good Intentions

Driving the carpool this morning, a man waved at me.  Insignificant as it sounds it made my morning.  My husband and I reside in the same semi-small town in which I was raised.  Growing up, it was all too common for pedestrians to give an enthusiastic wave to passing cars.  I always noticed my father would be sure to wave back a each and every person.  I remember it creating a sense of community.  We didn't always know each other, but there was a common bond expressed through that shared greeting that made it seem we were all in this world together.

This morning, I passed a gentleman walking a burly dog.  He stopped at the curb and and waved at me from under layers of sweater, coat and scarf.  It was a small thing, but it made me think how important it is to warmly acknowledge one another.

Thinking these thoughts, I dropped my kids off at school and approached another intersection.  Since the city is under seige by men in giant coats installing sidewalks, my normal route was closed.  While quickly pondering which direction I should take, I unconsciously placed tip of the injured cuticle of the middle finger of my right hand to my mouth.

And there, in a show of solidarity, the driver opposite flipped me off .

Apparently we were blessed with different views of humanity this crisp morning.